Recent Idiots - Kurt and Brett

Recent Idiots - Kurt and Brett

These two idiots have become the final straw for me.  I need a break folks.  These two fools are just the last in a string of frauds and weirdos I’ve had to deal with.  

Brett Pojunis wants desperately to be Chairman of the LPN.  He has campaigned for it since he resigned he position as LPNevada Secretary.  (This was fall 2012, and he resigned moments before the LPN excom was prepared to remove him from office).  Even before that, Brett interfered with, and undermined, the 2012 Gary Johnson campaign.  His actions for more than a year has been to create an atmosphere of hostility and chaos with the lunatic fringe of the party.  

Based on my experience with him, I consider Brett Pojunis to be a con-man and fraud.  He flatters everyone and promises everything.  I’ve already addressed my assessment of him in a letter that was submitted to the national LNC discuss list, and the LP State Chairs list.  In that letter (link to Why Brett Pojunis has to go), I outline the reasons why I conclude Brett Pojunis to be a fraud and liar.  I wouldn’t trust him, and advise against supporting his efforts.

The actions of Brett Pojunis is the reasons why the executive-committee (excom) was forced to postpone state convention. link to our statement for postponement, and our letter from Geoff Neale

Brett Pojunis had misrepresented himself to national LP Chairman Geoff Neale last spring and used the national LP resources to promote himself in advance of the originally scheduled 2013 LPNevada state convention.  The excom at the time reluctantly decided to postpone the 2013 convention in reaction to this blatant abuse of position by Brett Pojunis.  

Kurt Brackob (August Kurt Brackob, formerly Wiiliam Kurt Treptow) is the final straw for me.  Along with Brett, here is a man I trusted because he presented himself well, and served to offer some good use to the party.  Our prior Treasurer, Joe Hassen, had also recommended him.  Kurt joined our team just before the 2012 campaign had begun.   When Joe Hassen needed to relocate to Ohio and recommended Kurt as his replacement as LPN Treasurer, I appointed him.  Since Kurt is a Wells Fargo banker, it was taken he had the ability to function as Treasurer.  Kurt also volunteered to serve as my campaign manager (I had run for U.S. Congress, District 4).  He earned my trust by bringing skills to the team, and by working hard.  While serving in these capacities, Kurt has taken control of the LPN website, by placing his own name as administrative owner while paying for domain address as party Treasurer.  To date, he has yet to relinquish control of to party xcom.  This is theft, and a violation of his responsibilities as Treasurer, and a violation of business ethics (as a Wells Fargo banker).  

For the record, Kurt Brackob was removed from his position as LPN Treasurer.  He did not resign as he posted to the LPNevada meetup board (another violation of party ethics) but was removed by the excom for ongoing obstruction.  He has used the party’s Twitter accounts and accounts to personally attack me and the LPN excom, and has refused to turn over access for those accounts to our excom.  

He has also refused to turn over LPNevada financial records to our new Treasurer Tim Hagan.  He made false statements about turning over those records to the national LP (an action he was not authorized to take).  

Recently, I was informed that Kurt had registered Republican as of last August! There’s is more stupid drama about Kurt, but I’m disgusted just recounting it.  

As you can imagine, I’m tired of this.  I need a break.