I need a break folks.

Well, the 2013 LPNevada state convention is just a few days away and I’m looking forward to not being Chairman anymore.  I’m looking forward to no longer serving as an Officer for the LPN.  

I am looking forward to enjoying the time spent with my children, and doing all the other things I enjoy.  

After more than a decade trying to help build the LPN into a viable political organization that could compete with the establishment parties, and get Libertarians elected, I have conceded defeat.  

I've grown tired of (fill in the blank), the list is endless (we’ll revisit this ridiculous list)

For more about who I am, visit my bio page.  I'll build that section at a later date.

For the moment, you only need to realize that,

On Saturday, November 16th 2013, the Libertarian Party of Nevada will hold its 2013 state convention. 

On that day, the delegates credentialed (you must be a $50 dues/registered Libertarian for more than 30 days to be a Member) will vote on Officers to run the party for the next two years.  The convention of delegates will also revise Bylaws (an unpleasant, and often excruciating process that often takes much of the day).  This is the most important meeting of the year, and one that all Members should take seriously if we hope to build the LPN.  Sadly, most don’t care, and the few that do, are mostly useless.   

In the past, I've worked to support myself and a team of quality activists get elected and work to grow the party.  But not this time, I’m done.  I’ve decided to not seek any Officer position.  Unable to build a large enough coalition of support to justify further efforts, I accept reality.  I yield the field to the knuckleheads.  

I am exhausted from the endless stupid drama that prevents our party from achieving critical mass.  

While I attempt to explain some of the stupid drama (see eventual link to LPN silliness), you should understand I don’t really blame the knuckleheads.  I blame the good decent folks who really want to see a viable third choice on Election Day, but do nothing to further that end.  

Here are some things you can do to help the party grow into a viable contender: 

  • vote Libertarian
  • register Libertarian
  • maintain membership in the LP (LPNevada member costs $50 and being registered LP for at least 30 days)
  • donate to the LP
  • actively support the party and its candidates
  • attend the annual state convention

I have little hope that we shall see any quality activists lead the LPN this next cycle. We are infested with idiots.

It’s no surprise actually.  Most people, even Libertarians, are too busy with life to care much about politics.  Most people barely have a good grasp on their own lives.   

Most have little/no understanding of the workings of the LP, or the LPNevada specifically.  Heck, most people have no understanding of politics in general, let alone any interest or understanding of third-party politics.

So let me set you straight.  

It’s true, the LP is the third-largest political party in the United States.  We have ballot access in more states than any other third party.  So we claim to be America’s Third Party.  Sounds great?  I guess so.  Ballot access IS crucial, so its no small accomplishment that we have it, and maintain it.

Having ballot access means we can nominate candidates to be on the ballot on Election Day.  This is the real power of the LP.  That we can nominate candidates and place them on the ballot gives us a voice.  But it really is the candidate’s voice.  Although the LPNevada will have nominated this person at the convention, when the candidate actually files for office and the campaign begins, the candidate ultimately has the voice.  This is why we need quality people to run.   

Basically, we’re a small volunteer organization.  We have no money, and no paid workers.  We have virtually no volunteers either.  Most of the work gets done by a very small group of volunteers. 

Let’s review some quick numbers:

Total number of registered voters in Nevada 1.265.000 

Democrats 530,000

Republican 433,000

Non-Partisan 223,000

Independent-American Party (IAP) 59,000

Libertarian 9,300


Now how many “Members” do we have?  

I’ve been asked that question many times over the years, and the answer is “It depends”.  That’s why I shared some statistics above.  

Registered Libertarians are not “Members” of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. LPNevada membership requires being registered Libertarian (for at least 30 days) and maintaining $50 dues in the LPNevada.  This $50 also maintains your $25 national LP sustaining dues.  

Despite this low cost of membership, there are less than 200 members of the LPNevada.  

Of this group, most are not-active.  Most people, even libertarians, are apathetic and kinda lazy.  And too few people are really professional when they’re not being paid.  

Even most of our “activists” are hardly active.  Many just want to talk, and be entertained.  Many thrive on drama.  This little political organization is a great opportunity to….fill in the blank.

For some, it’s an opportunity to…

- play politics

- find a new social group of friends

- feel important because they have an important-sounding title (even though there is no money or power connected to the title, only responsibility that few welcome)

- make money off the LP

- use the candidates’ platform to promote their own pet issue or agenda

- use the candidates’ position to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame

- there are endless other examples

The bottom line is:

You cannot run such an organization with no money.  

I’ve struggled to try and raise money and build an organization with very limited funds, and virtually no income stream.  I’ve struggled with idiots who find it easier to destroy than create.  

Recently, we watched Kurt Brackob displace Brett Pojunis as chief monkey-wrench man.  After Brett and his gang of co-horts exposed Kurt’s placement on the Nevada Sex Offender list, as well as his incarceration in Romania for sex crimes, Kurt went AWOL and has used the last several months to create havoc for the LPN.  

I have more to do in my life than continue to struggle with such stupidity and foolishness.  

Read on if you care enough to follow this stupid drama, but I understand if you don’t.  I hope you will, however, because our party will not ultimately make progress until better activists step up.  I for one, need a break.

Although I do not intend on seeking any position as an Officer, I will be attending convention this Saturday.  

If you can make it Saturday, bring a Kindle (to help you pass the time during the day likely filled with stupid drama) and...

- try and vote for decent Officers (I expect Brett to likely control the xcom regardless)

- vote for the Membership Link page Bylaws proposal (this will ensure that all members have a public voice through their membership link)

- vote to restore N.O.T.A. (None of the Above for partisan elections)

- maintain $50 dues/ registered Libertarian for LPNevada Membershi

The next convention MUST be held in Clark County (per the Bylaws) during January, February, or March of 2014.  This is so our nominated candidates for office will have time to file with the Secretary of State and begin their campaigns.  I’ll be at that convention and hope you will to.



Joseph P. Silvestri